Friday, 4 February 2011

Unelected EU "foreign minister" lectures Egyptians on "deep democracy"

Baroness Ashton, EU "foreign minister" still today refused to demand the immediate removal of Mubarak. Instead the unelected Labour Baroness lectured the Egyptians about "deep democracy" in an article published in the GuardianWilliam Dove, writing in the International Business Times comments:

The international reaction to the ongoing political chaos in Egypt took an amusing turn today when the European Union's High Representative for Foreign Affairs, Baroness Catherine Ashton, penned an article in The Guardian saying she wanted to see "deep democracy" take root in Egypt.
Baroness Ashton repeated the line emerging from Washington and London that there should be a swift "transition" from the reign of Hosni Mubarak to something as yet unknown.
However she also warned that Egypt should not become what she called a "surface democracy" with votes and elections, but should be a "deep democracy" with the rule of law, an independent judiciary, free speech, free trade unions and etc.
The irony of this is of course that Baroness Ashton came to her present high office through neither "deep" nor "surface" democracy but by working her way up through the British quangocracy before finally being appointed one of the top jobs in the quango of quangos, the EU.

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