Saturday, 4 June 2011

Earth Day: Bollywood fights climate change

Bollywood is intent on beating Hollywood when it comes to fighting climate change. "In lieu of the impending climate crisis, IIFA (the International Indian Film Academy) has been a firm supporter of the environment" and has "taken several initiatives over the years to curb the ever-expanding issues that threaten it", reports. Already in 2007 IIFA "launched the concept of a `Green carpet`, replacing the traditional red carpet rolled out at all award shows".
(Hard to beat! NNoN)
Now IIFA is joining the United National Environment Programme in celebrating the "World Environment Day". Indian super star, former Miss World Priyanka Chopra is the top name in the UNEP/Bollywood campaign this year.

Could it be that Ms. Chopra is discussing climate change and global warming with an UNEP representative on this video?:

Compared with Hollywood, the Bollywood approach to fighting climate change seems to be somewhat more down-to-earth, as you can see from this educational video (it is only partially in English, but I think you will get the point):

"Savita bhabhi tells us why she loves Copehagen and why she has recently won an award for contributing to the solution for Climate Change."

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