Thursday, 2 June 2011

EU Commission - private jet travel, luxury five-star resorts, parties and expensive presents

              This is the preferred way of transportation for the EU elite

Finally, the truth about the lifestyle of the EU(SSR) elite is beginning to come out.

The Bureau of Investigative Journalism reports:

The Bureau’s latest investigation reveals that the European Commission has spent millions of taxpayers’ money on private jet travel, luxury five-star resorts, parties and expensive presents.
Our investigation shows that Commissioners were travelling by private jet and handing out gifts of Tiffany jewellery to guests as Europeans faced budget cuts and IMF bailouts.

Here are some of  the bureau´s findings:

Over €7.5m was spent on private jet travel for Commissioners between 2006-2010.

President Barroso and eight assistants ran up a bill of €28,000 for a four night stay at the New York Peninsula Hotel, where the delegation stayed in suites costing on average €780 per night.

Over €300,000 was spent on events the EU described as “cocktail parties” in 2009. One bill totalled €75,000 for an event subsidised by the EU’s Research Executive Agency in Amsterdam, boasting a “night filled with wonder like no other…state-of-the-art technology, challenging art, combined with trendy cocktails, surprising performances and top DJs”.

Luxury spending
In 2009 the Commission also held away-days for officials and their families at resorts in Papua New Guinea and Ghana. On one occasion a Vietnamese delegation flew 44 staff to the five-star Palm Garden Resort for an event to “facilitate internal co-operation”.

Read the entire piece here

One can only wonder, why the numerous Brussels MSM correspondents have not reported about these things already long ago. Well, the reason is pretty obvious: Their own opulent lifestyle is in danger, if they would start to dig a little deeper in the Brussels manure.

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