Wednesday, 1 June 2011

South Korea and Qatar compete for hosting the UN climate change carnival 2012

A nostalgic video flashback from the Cancun climate meeting.
There will be less Tequila in Qatar -  under Qatar's Sharia,
 it is illegal to show alcohol or be drunk in public.
This should strengthen the Korean bid.

While South Africa is preparing to hold the holiest annual celebration of the climate change religion, the United Nations Conference on Climate Change, later this year, there is a ferocious behind-the-scenes battle going between South Korea and Qatar about hosting the conference in 2012, reports the New York Times.

If  South Korea is serious about getting this crazy carbon carnival, they should immediately consult the only person in the world who knows how to beat the qataris; Sepp Blatter, the president of  FIFA.

Without Blatter´s support, the 2022 World Cup would not have been awarded to Qatar. He knows in detail what South Korea must do in order to "facilitate" a succesful bid. However, South Korea should realize that it is not going to be easy - or cheap - to beat the qataris, who already have set out their plan:

"asked at a recent meeting in Hamburg, Germany, about the bid to host the UNFCCC meeting, the Qatar energy institute's executive director, Rabi Mohtar, said, "I believe the push is to get that going as a precursor to the football games."

The fact that Qatar sees the climate jamboree only as a "precursor" to the football games, says a lot about the significance of the event. What reasons Korea might have for wanting to host the conference is more difficult to understand. Maybe their own man at the top of the UN hieararchy, one of the high priests of the climate change religion, Bank-ki Moon, has brainwashed the Korean government on this issue?

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Papa Zu said...

Past climate summits were diplomatic failures but at least the taxpayer funded booze and hookers made the conference worth the trip. Now all they have to look forward to in Qatar is a nice tour of the oil fields.