Monday, 29 August 2011

Australian alarmist "study": Global warming makes people mentally ill

Global warming doomsday scaremongering is a likely reason for mental health problems

We all know that alarmists blame global warming/climate change for almost any imaginable bad things. Their latest "finding" is that (bogus) human caused climate change also affects the mental health of people - at least in the Australian bush:

If we don't start tackling climate change, Australians will be increasingly depressed, anxious or stressed.... and more prone to substance abuse, a new report says.

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A study out today has found that climate change is impacting negatively on mental health in the bush.
The report found that, during the recent drought, serious mental health episodes like self-harm and suicide increased by 8 per cent.
John Connor, CEO of the Climate Institute, says the bulk of scientists believe we'll see more extreme weather events.
"It's a risk management issue, dealing with the consequences and trying to avoid the worst impacts of climate change," he said.
"The evidence is growing, with studies in EU with a longer data base, which is directly linking climate change to the floods in the UK and doing term studies of ocean temperatures.
On the mental health side, Dr Suzie Burke, a senior psychologist with the Psychologists Association of Australia, says the long-running nature of the drought has had lasting and devastating impact on rural communities.
Their research has been looking at the different impacts on communities and families, isolation, self esteem, self harm and suicide and they found an 8 per cent increase in mental health issues in areas affected by severe weather events like drought.

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Of course, it has not occurred to the alarmists that their climate change/global warming doomsday scaremongering is a much more probable reason for mental health problems than droughts (which are due to natural weather variation). To study the impact of global scaremongering - particularly on children and young people - would be important, but this kind of research will most certainly not get any financing from governments and academic institutions, which are almost totally dominated by the supporters of the global warming religion.  


A K Haart said...

I wonder if they ever analyse what they are saying. Climate change is all about promoting anxiety.

Colin M Henderson said...

Perhaps the mental health changes are due to the carbon tax.