Thursday, 1 September 2011

Professors and fools

Michael C. B. Ashley is a Professor in the School of Physics at the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia, whose "main research interest is in conducting astronomy and making measurements of atmospheric properties from the Antarctic plateau". He has also taught "several undergraduate courses of relevance to climate science".

This academic giant also is "teaching" Australians that "the science underpinning anthropogenic climate change is rock solid". Scientists - and others - who are not convinced about human induced global warming are "fools":

The problem is that on one side of the debate you have 97% of the world’s published climate scientists and the world’s major scientific organisations, and on the other side you have fools.
Excuse my bluntness, but it is past time to acknowledge that the science underpinning anthropogenic climate change is rock solid. The sceptics have had the time and opportunity to come with up a convincing case, but their best efforts read like arguments that NASA faked the moon landing.

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If you would like to remind the professor about who is the real fool, here is the address:


sepepp said...

Only a FOOL could stand in the middle of an Antarctic plateau, freezing his ass off, and declare that "MAN causes global warming".

A.Cooper. said...

Science is never settled, it continually evolves unlike the political religious rhetoric dominating the scientific community. See Nir Shaviv: The CLOUD is clearing as an example. As a Professor you would know from history, that Einstein, Bell and many others where in the minority and where ignored, shunned off by other scientists dismissing there theories. It looks like history is repeating, in both scientific and political circles these days unfortunately. Now let's get back to the science and leave the religion and political games where they belong.

Half eyed Scottish idiot said...

I take it you do realise that the "97%" figure is actually 75 out of 77 scientists. The poll was originally of a much larger number of earth scientists but the results gave a large number who disagreed.

You also say "sceptics have had time to come up with a convincing case". Surely as a scientist you realise it should be up to the proponents of AGW to prove their theory, which they have utterly failed to do.

sepepp said...

Unfortunately, with a lot of the elitists who current sit in authority in the halls of academia, their pursuit of science is ONLY to conform (distort?) it to THEIR politics and THEIR "religion"-- it's the same exact kind of distortions that took place in Germany and elsewhere prior to the rise of Nazism-- and when the goon squads took over their government back then, they had a "ready to use" set of distortions that they implemented on the population, specific ethnic groups, and the world-- and it took a WORLD WAR to stop them.

NNoN said...

To some commentators: I hope you have sent your comments also to the address provided in the post.

Gustav said...

When Mike Ashley, whom I happen to remember from Mt. Stromlo, assures his students that the science of AGW is "rock solid" because 97% of the world's published climate scientists say so, he's wrong and foolish. First, it is hardly 97% of the published climate scientists: if he bothered to check the numbers he would find them strikingly different--there are thousands of papers that contradict in one way or another the IPCC lore. Second, the number of scientists involved in concocting IPCC reports is surprisingly small. When you scrutinize closely who are the people behind these productions, you find agitators, activists, environmentalists, politicians, administrators and the like in surprising numbers, with great many citations not referring at all to peer reviewed scientific literature. The number of actual scientists involved is about... 70, sic! And they are not the best scientists to boot. Third, in science a majority vote does not define who's right and who's wrong. Mike Ashley obviously never heard of Albert Einstein, who would look at the present day assertions of people like Mike Ashley with disdain. Einstein himself was in a minority of one, when he wrote his first paper about special relativity. And so was Boltzmann. Even Max Planck did not believe in Boltzmann's "statistical mechanics". So much for the "scientific consensus".

The Patriot said...

How can such people call themselves scientists? It simply blows my mind.

The only thing "rock solid" is his brain. It is a rock!

The Patriot said...

Here is my e-mail to the professor (I doubt I will recieve a reply):

Part I (it was too long)

Dear Professor Ashley:

I am curious which are the 97% of scientists you talk about? Starting with likes of Prof. Lindzen of MIT, there are many hundreds of more prominent climate scientists who disagree with you.

It is not becoming of a professor and scientist to demagogue and politicizes a scientific debate but that is all your side does.

Can you explain to me why only 52 scientists signed the IPCC declaration in Poland while about 400 attending the symposium refused to?

Can you explain why clearly contradictory (to your side) evidence from the Vostok ice core, recent reports from the Academy of Sciences that opines it is China’s accelerated burning of fossil fuels that has caused global temps to plateau, the new report by Professors Singer, Carter, and Idso, latest findings at CERM, and others are routinely dismissed by your side?

How about the warming trend occurring in the solar system coinciding with our recent trend? Is that us causing it also?

Do you care to respond to the criticisms of the peer review process of IPCC?

Do you care to explain how, in some cases, using secondary and tertiary source info to base research on fits scientific integrity?

Or how about variety of laughable predictions made by your side that never did despite target dates being past (snow cap on Kilimanjaro melting and sea levels creating 50 million refugees being just two of several)?

How about NASA ocean temperatures having to be corrected on more than one occasion?

Shall we go on to Hadley e-mails, ground station selection for temperature readings (the heat island concern), using children as propaganda peons, openly Marxist sentiments of several so-called scientists,……..I would go on but the list is just too long!

You say the debate is over? No sir. It is just your side which has no scientific integrity as shown to the world over and over again. Statements like yours (calling scientists like Prof. Lindzen among many others) just cement that truth. Apparently you do not follow scientific research – your writings are a clear testament to that fact.

I would suggest you try to make an honest living instead of sapping tax payer funds to lead your cushy life style while committing fraud on the world.

Kerem Oner

Fairfax, VA

P.S. Here is a partial list of other prominent scientists that you have insulted as being non worthy (you could only hope to come close to many of their stature!)

I believe you owe an apology to them.

Prof.s Akasofu, Maruyama, and Kusano who recently said 90% of Japan Geoscience Union do not agree with the IPCC report.

Henrik Svensmark - Danish National Space Center

Roy Spencer - Principal research scientist, University of Alabama in Huntsville

The Patriot said...

Part II:

David Legates - Professor of geography and director of the Center for Climatic Research, University of Delaware

Antonino Zichichi - Emeritus professor of nuclear physics at the University of Bologna and president of the World Federation of Scientists

Khabibullo Abdusamatov - Mathematician and astronomer at Pulkovo Observatory of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Richard Lindzen - Alfred P. Sloan Professor of Atmospheric Science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and member of the National Academy of Sciences

Garth Paltridge - Chief Research Scientist, CSIRO Division of Atmospheric Research and retired Director of the Institute of the Antarctic Cooperative Research Centre

Hendrik Tennekes - Retired Director of Research, Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute

Sallie Baliunas - Astronomer, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics

Frederick Seitz - Solid-state physicist, former president of the National Academy of Sciences

Petr Chylek - Space and Remote Sensing Sciences researcher, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Israel: Dr. Nathan Paldor, Professor of Dynamical Meteorology and Physical Oceanography at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Dr. Oleg Sorochtin of the Institute of Oceanology at the Russian Academy of Sciences

Sherwood Idso - Research physicist, USDA Water Conservation Laboratory, and adjunct professor, Arizona State University

George V. Chilingar - Professor of Civil and Petroleum Engineering at the University of Southern California

Ian Clark - Hydrogeologist, professor, Department of Earth Sciences, University of Ottawa

Chris de Freitas - Associate Professor, School of Geography, Geology and Environmental Science, University of Auckland

David Douglass - Solid-state physicist, professor, Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Rochester

William M. Gray - Professor Emeritus and head of The Tropical Meteorology Project, Department of Atmospheric Science, Colorado State University

William Happer - Physicist specializing in optics and spectroscopy, Princeton University

William Kininmonth - Meteorologist, former Australian delegate to World Meteorological Organization Commission for Climatology

Tad Murty - Oceanographer; Departments of Civil Engineering and Earth Sciences, University of Ottawa

Tim Patterson - Paleoclimatologist and Professor of Geology at Carleton University in Canada

The Patriot said...

Part III

Ian Plimer - Professor emeritus of Geology, The University of Adelaide

Tom Segalstad - Head of the Geology Museum at the University of Oslo

Nicola Scafetta - Research scientist in the physics department at Duke University

Nir Shaviv - Astrophysicist at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Fred Singer - Professor emeritus of Environmental Sciences at the University of Virginia

Willie Soon - Astrophysicist, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics

Philip Stott - Professor emeritus of biogeography at the University of London

Jan Veizer - Environmental geochemist, Professor Emeritus from University of Ottawa

Claude Allègre - Geochemist, Institute of Geophysics (Paris)

Robert C. Balling, Jr., Professor of geography at Arizona State University

John Christy - Professor of atmospheric science and director of the Earth System Science Center at the University of Alabama in Huntsville

David Deming - Geology professor at the University of Oklahoma

Craig D. Idso - Researcher, Office of Climatology, Arizona State University and founder of the Center for the Study of Carbon Dioxide and Global Change

Patrick Michaels - Senior Fellow at the Cato Institute and retired research professor of environmental science at the University of Virginia

Marcel Leroux - Professor of Climatology, Université Jean Moulin

Reid Bryson - Emeritus Professor of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Dr. Arthur Robinson, director of the Oregon Institute for Science and Medicine

Don Easterbrook - Emeritus professor of geology, Western Washington University

….and many, many more that I possibly cannot list

Colin M Henderson said...

Definitely a candidate for tenure at Pen. State.

John Barksdale said...

And this Professor's rambling reminds me of "Piltdown Man" science.