Thursday, 1 September 2011

Australian study: 18% reduction in log availability in 2050 due to global warming

        There will be 18% less logs and 19% fewer loggers in Australia by 2050

The flow of new studies about the impact of  (bogus) human caused global warming/climate change seems to be endless. One of the latest comes from the Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics. The bureau has released a report on the effects of climate change on forestry in six Australian regions.

The main finding of the ABARES report appears to be that there will be an 18 per cent reduction in log availability by 2050 with increasing global temperatues of on average 1.5 per cent.

Graph projections also show that that there would be an average drop in production of 21 per cent, with employment down 19 per cent.

Read an article about the study here
The report can be downloaded here


The (probably quite large) ABARES team of researchers seem to have made good use of the various models created by alarmist climate scientists. However, knowing the widely known amazing accuracy of these models, it is somewhat surprising that the Australian researchers have not actually been able to give the exact number of   logs missing due to human caused global warming in the year 2050. Or maybe the logs are numbered in an appendix? 

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