Saturday, 3 September 2011

"Die-hard" Californian environmentalists helping to "destroy planet"

Are "die-hard environmentalists" in California helping to "destroy the planet"? That could very well be the case, if one is to believe IPCC scientist Evan Mills, who has published the paper “Energy Up In Smoke: The Carbon Footprint of Indoor Cannabis Production.”

indoor pot consumes an estimated 8 percent of all electricity generated in California and 1 percent of all electricity generated in America. Its greenhouse emissions equal that of six million cars. Growing just one joint indoors emits two pounds of CO2.
Indeed, marijuana, once synonymous with all that is green, has become anything but in the region that gave birth to the environmental movement. Residents in the liberal Bay Area routinely elbow past each other to buy cage-free eggs, free-range beef and organic strawberries, and yet their weed habit costs a Fukushima’s-worth of power every year.
Why? Because medical cannabis users seem to prefer the high they get from indoor-grown pot, not to mention the way it looks, smells and tastes–even if it’s helping to destroy the planet.
Mills’ analysis also turned the stomachs of many die-hard environmentalists in Humboldt County. Because, in a way, they knew they helped create the problem.

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While one should not be too worried about alarmists´worries about the pot smokers´ contribution to the "destruction" of our planet, there is, however, another question with regard to the "die-hard" warmist environmentalists, which Mills does not address: Could the use of pot actually explain much of their often strange antics?

It could very well be true, when we remember how marijuana affects a person´s behavior:

Since marijuana drastically effects short-term memory, it is not uncommon for the user to often forget what he is doing or talking about.


Sometimes one has a feeling that these symptoms are not uncommon among many warmist climate scientists, either.

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