Sunday, 4 September 2011

Game over for the IPCC? - Railway engineer Pachauri now building a canal in India

Railway engineer Pachauri is now helping to build a canal

We all know that IPCC chairman R.K. Pachauri does not have a degree in anything close to climate science - he is a railway engineer. But now it turns out that Pachauri is also an expert on shipping and the construction of canals:

An expert team, led by Dr R K Pachauri, Chairman of Inter-governmental Panel on climate Change, has visited costal Dhanushkodi and neighbouring areas to analyse the possibility of finding an alternative site for Sethusamudhram Shipping Canal Project.
Officials said the team after visiting the area yesterday, also interacted with Coast Guard officials at Mandapam.
The panel was formed following the direction from the Supreme Court to find a solution to the problem.
The sources said one proposal suggested was digging part of land near Dhanushkodi to connect Palk Straits and Gulf of Mannar.
SSCP proposes linking Palk Bay and Gulf of Mannar between India and Sri Lanka by creating a shipping channel through the shallow sea and a chain of islands known as ‘Ramar Sethu and Adam’s Bridge.

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The fact that Pachauri now concentrates on other things than the IPCC and the global warming hoax, should be seen as a positive development. It shows that the game is over for the UN climate circus - and the Nobel laureate is turning his attention elsewhere.

It also appears that Pachauri has lost his personal belief in global warming. Why should he otherwise participate in the construction of a canal, for which there would be no need, if the alarmists´ predictions of a huge rise of the water level were true?  

Should Pachauri like to return to the railway business, there are, of course, plenty of opportunities. Here is just one: The Indian railways are looking for an Assistant Station Master in Mumbai. Filling the application form should not be too difficult:  

02 The candidate's Name, Address with Pin Code, Date of Birth, Father's Name and nearest Railway Station should be written legibly in English in bold capital letters, even if the candidate fills up the application form in Hindi.

03 Photographs: One recent (not earlier than three months from the date of application) colour passport size photograph with clear front view of the candidate without cap and sunglasses should be pasted on the application form in the space provided.

(image by wikimedia)


Anonymous said...

I think he should return for working as a railway engineer. That would be more like a normal work if you copmare that with his post as the IPCC leader.

I like railways and trains.

hou said...

The sources said one proposal suggested was digging part of land near Dhanushkodi to connect Palk Straits and Gulf of Mannar.

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