Monday, 5 September 2011

An affluenct Californian lady they all are chasing

What do Greenpeace, Al Gore, ObamaWWF, the Democrats and the marketeers of luxury products have in common? Answer: they are all doing their best to empty the purse of this person:

An affluent Californian (preferably from San Francisco) lady, who believes that human caused global warming is real and happening, supports and votes democrat, drives a Prius and spends thousands of dollars on "green" luxury products and services.

Here is some background information about this "Super Green" lady:

An analysis of eight years of data from Gallup's annual environmental poll found that greater numbers of women tend to believe the body of science on climate change and be concerned about how warming will affect the planet.

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 Today, the consumer looking to go green is increasingly likely to be an affluent professional woman wearing an eco-friendly and animal-free Stella McCartney suit and satin shoes. And if you want her dollars and her loyalty, you need to pay attention to the priorities she finds important when making her selection of luxury goods and services.

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"In all of the green issues that Unity Marketing studied, women popped as being much more concerned than men. This is an important signal for luxury marketers to sit up and take notice, as women are often the major shoppers for a family, making the primary decisions about the products and services the family will purchase. For luxury consumers, an increasing number are looking to a company's environmental practices before making a purchase."

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The New York-based consumer lifestyle market research firm defines the Super Green sector as adults who engage in more than 10 environment-friendly activities regularly, such as recycling, using rechargeable batteries or re-using grocery store bags.
The Super Green accounts for five percent of the entire U.S. adult population, and are mostly found in the northwest portion of the country.
San Francisco, the most sustainable city in the world according to a study commissioned by Siemens Corporation, has the most number of “Super Greenies.” At least 17 percent of San Francisco adults engage in 10 or more eco-friendly activities on a regular basis.
As to their spending habits, the Super Green sector are more likely than the average adult to spend upwards of $500 yearly on products like cosmetics, clothing, and fine jewelry. They are 49 percent more likely to buy a luxury vehicle in the coming year, and 77 percent more likely to spend upwards of $45 thousand on new car purchases in the household.

On voting patterns, almost half (42 percent) of the Super Greens are Democrats, while an additional 20 percent declare themselves as independents with Democrat-leanings. Republicans and independents with Republican leanings account for a combined 16 percent, or less than one fifth of the sector.

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There are thousands of  academic studies related to (bogus) global warming/climate change. However, it is apparent that one important study is missing: Shouldn´t somebody try to find out why women - particularly affluent women - are more easily than men ready to accept the global warming hoax?

Knowing the realities of the politically correct, alarmist academic establishment, such a study is not very likely to appear. Therefore one can only speculate about the reasons for womens´credulity.

Women are often perceived to be more soft and caring than men, which often is a good thing - but not always. There is a danger that this soft and emphatic side in women also makes them more inclined to believe in all kinds of snake oil sellers (including the global warming doomsday scaremongerers). The Super Green ladies are thus an easy prey for Greenpeace, Gore and the rest.

Thank God, that the Queen of Denmark is not one of them!

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