Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Finally proven: Humans behind decline of Greenland glacier

"Iluliaq Original Iceberg Water is the ideal water for distinctive gourmets and fine liquor amateurs. It will pair beautifully with the best wines too". 

Finally, there is definitive proof , (that even sceptics must accecpt) for the alarmists´ claims that Grenland glaciers are declining because of human activities. Trendhunter magazine reports:

You thought Evian was expensive, the Iluliaq Iceberg Water will make it look like a second rate brand.
According to the company, this water comes from the Sermeq Kujalleg glacier in Greenland. In other words, it’s pure, it’s icy, and it’s likely reserved for the rich and famous. This high-end drink is packaged in a crystal clear bottle that even comes with a glass cork. The Illuliaq Iceberg Water will set you back $50 so at that price it’s bound to be good… right?

More info from the producers:

It began as snow, falling from an ice age sky onto what is now the Greenland ice cap. There it remained preserved, untouched and pristine throughout the millennia. Located north of the Arctic Circle on the west coast of Greenland, the Sermeq Kujalleq glacier has been a protected site on UNESCO's (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) World Heritage List since 2004.


This human induced decline of the glaciers should be good news for the climate alarmists, too: The more you drink of this unique water, the less likely the catastrophic rise of  sea levels becomes.

The only problem is that the iceberg water is so damned expensive, that only Al Gore and a few of his friends can afford it. But this need not be a serious setback: The European Union could use a tiny part of its multi million euro climate aid package to subsidise the Illuliaq. Instead of wasting money on all kinds of  more or less useless climate projects, these subsidies would make the Greenland iceberg water availaible everywhere, even the "sinking" Maldives. Something for EU climate change commissioner Connie Hedegaard to consider!

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