Friday, 9 September 2011

Dutch professor: "To assume we human beings have a golden key to keep the world at zero position, is arrogance"

Salomon Kroonenberg, professor of geology (ret.) at Delft University of Technology, Netherlands is worth listening to:

Kroonenberg argues that climate change has been happening since antiquity and humans are known to have survived "two ice ages, with bear skins and ice axes".
In 2008, Kroonenberg published an enlarged, revised edition of his book, which has since been translated in several languages, including a recent Chinese edition (Shanghai Literature and Art Publishing House). In it he challenges Gore's "alarmist rhetoric".
"We're smart enough to evolve flexible solutions" to deal with a devastating deluge should the glaciers melt and inundate the earth, Kroonenberg suggests.
But more importantly, he insists that reducing carbon footprints would not necessarily make a difference to the future of the world.
Urging his audience to see things in terms of geological time, (10,000 years at a stretch), the geologist contends that we are, in fact, living at the peak of summer between ice ages, and, if the cyclical rhythm of climate change is anything to go by, we should be preparing for a "little ice age" like the one experienced between 1350 and 1800.
Often labeled a "climate skeptic" by the anti-CO2-emissions lobby, and criticized for his indifference to the Kyoto Protocol of 1997, in which parliaments of 55 countries decided to cut down on greenhouse emissions, Kroonenberg prefers to call himself a climate relativist. He doesn't consider CO2 emissions "an insurmountable problem" in the context of nature changing and adjusting itself as a continuous process.
"I don't deny climate has been warming and I also do not deny that humankind has emitted large quantities of CO2. I only challenge the importance of that for climate change.
"To assume we human beings have a golden key to keep the world at zero position, is arrogance," he adds.

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Kroonenberg is spot on when he describes the arrogance of the warmist doomsday prophets. Fortunately, recent polls show that ordinary people are increasingly sharing his view. That´s why there is hope that decision makers and environmentalists before long will again begin to focus on fighting real pollution.

For those interested, here is a link to Dr. Kroonenberg´s home page.


Ben said...

Over the years of development of A.G.W. the money trail is the key, I have decided. Since the introduction of Al Gore's Inconvenient Truth, it has become clear, the increase in his personal wealth is directly proportional to his "work" proving the unbelievable story, that CO2 is a pollutant. As any experiment with CO2 will show, it promotes growth of vegetation and is widely used to speed up growth of Cannabis Seedlings. Where this money eventually finishes up, will be in the coffers of the instigators of this huge fraud, the U.N. and America from where it came. Imagine the world paying for the debt incurred by the Americans? They have even seen fit to issue a Nobel Peace Prize to AL Gore which defies comprehension.

Phil said...

Why the surprise at the Nobel Peace Prize award. Obama won one......with a history of being a community organizer and a do nothing Senator. Or Paul Krugman for economics. LOL The prize seems to be a booby prize for buffoons of the world lately.

Ben said...

Sorry Phil it took so long to reply....3 years almost? I take it you are in full agreement and I am happy enough with the appraisal of these people using your terminology.
Incidentally , right now there are ice breakers stuck in the Antarctic as a result of these dastardly Gobal Warming problems.