Monday, 12 March 2012

Angela Merkel´s two great failures

We have said it before on this blog: Angela Merkel is a failed politician, in spite of still being rather popular in Germany and fairly highly regarded  in many other EU countries.

This reason is quite simple: Merkel´s two most important projects - the energy transition and the rescue of the euro - are proving to be huge failures:

Germany's grand and ambitious aim of transforming itself into a bastion of green energy is now in jeopardy -- and, with it, the largest and most important project of Merkel's chancellorship besides the euro-rescue efforts.

Read the entire Der Spiegel article here:


The fact that Merkel seems doomed to failure does not mean that the German opposition would offer better alternatives; no, a social democratic, or even worse, a green chancellor would be disastrous for Germany. Let´s hope that the next German chancellor will come e.g., from Bavaria, where the CSU people usually support traditional conservative values and policies that Germany, and Europe, are in need of.

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