Thursday, 15 March 2012

Obama´s and Cameron´s silence on global warming says more than a thousand words

 "global warming is not just the greatest environmental challenge facing our planet—it is one of our greatest challenges of any kind."

Barack Obama

Climate change is one of the "most pressing threats to [a nation's] prosperity and security". "I have always been clear that in order to tackle it [climate change] effectively, all major economies will need to take robust action to curb their emissions and put their economies on a more sustainable, low-carbon footing"

David Cameron

David Cameron has been wined and dined in the White House by his host Barack Obama. In their dinner speeches both leaders did not spare words when praising each other.

Obama and Cameron of course also had the usual political discussions, followed by a press conference. Considering what they both have said about the seriousness of the global worming/climate change issue, one would have expected that the subject was high on the agenda both in the discussions and the press conference. But a look at the official White House transcript of the press conference reveals the reality:

Not a word on this "most pressing threats to prosperity and security". Not one reporter even bothered to ask a question about this "one of our greatest challenges of any kind".

David Cameron´s and Barack Obama´s complete silence on the (bogus) threat of human caused global warming says more than a thousand words.

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