Sunday, 11 March 2012

Excellent news from Cornwall: Illegal wind turbine to be removed

Here is a truly important piece of news - although widely ignored by the warmist MSM:

Illegal towering wind turbine to be removed

A £1.3 million wind turbine which was illegally installed last year is facing removal after councillors voted for enforcement action.
The 250ft (76m) structure at Callywith Farm at Bodmin in North Cornwall, was put in place last November, despite a stop notice issued by the local authority after it had earlier refused permission.

Graham and Ron Dingle, whose firm Dingle Brothers owns the site, could also face fines of up to £20,000 after Cornwall Council decided to launch legal action.
At a meeting behind closed doors this week, the council's east sub-area planning committee voted unanimously in favour of taking enforcement action to secure the wind turbine's removal.
They also agreed to take legal action with regard to the failure to comply with the terms of the stop notice.
The Dingles run an agricultural supply firm and recycling facility at the site, and said they would have gone out of business if the giant turbine had not been installed.
They argue that the renewable energy generated by the turbine has prevented 632 tons of carbon dioxide being emitted into the atmosphere.

The wind energy people seem to think that they can get away with anything, because of their supposedly noble cause. Fortunately, the Cornwall Council sets an example for other decision makers on how to put an end to the worst type of wind power lawlessness.

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