Saturday, 17 March 2012

New Study: Climate change models explain just about everything

Climate change models - which of course, as we all know, are extremely accurate  - now also explain the evolution of Homo sapiens - and all animals and plants.

Dr John Stuart of Bournemouth University, the lead author of the paper, entitled “Human Evolution Out-of-Africa: The Role of Refugia and Climate”, explains:

“We have tried to explain much of what we know about humans, including the evolution and extinction of Neanderthals and the Denisovans (a newly discovered group from Siberia), as well as how they interbred with the earliest modern populations who had just left Africa. All these phenomena have been put into the context of how animals and plants react to climate change. We’re thinking about humans from the perspective of what we know about other species.”
“One of the models we’ve formulated is that the adoption of a new refugium (an area of refuge from the harsh climatic conditions of the Ice Age) by a subgroup of a species may lead to important evolutionary changes, ultimately leading to the origins of a new species. In fact this could apply to all continental species, whether animals or plants” said Dr Stewart.

We are now eagerly awaiting the "sequel" to the study, showing what kind of new species will replace Homo sapiens as a consequence of human caused global warming. With the help of  a little "human engineering" by professor S. Matthew Liao´s team, the arrival of the new species probably could be speeded up considerably.

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