Tuesday, 3 April 2012

$21,000 Wind turbine saved $4 on Reno´s energy bill

Wind turbines seldom - if ever - produce the amounts of electricity that their manufacturers promise. The subsidized turbines installed in the city of Reno are just one example:

"the city of Reno's wind turbines -- for which the city received more than $150,000 in rate-payer funded rebates -- produced dramatically less electricity than the manufacturers of its turbines promised.
"These manufacturers, when they gave us the turbines, they said they were designed to be mounted on a parapet at this height, and that's what we did," said Jason Geddes, who runs the city of Reno's renewable energy program. "But when we started getting actual wind flow patterns, we realized their claims were wrong."
As first reported by the Reno Gazette-Journal, one turbine that cost the city $21,000 to install saved the city $4 on its energy bill. Overall, $416,000 worth of turbines have netted the city $2,800 in energy savings." 

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