Saturday, 7 April 2012

The world´s first wind powered car

A hot tip to the beleaguered American car industry:

The world´s first wind powered car - invented in Sri Lanka - is awaiting mass production.

The car can be driven at 60kmh top speed only using wind power. Most of the European manufactures want him to sell the blue print of this car to their countries but he wants to sell this car from Southern Asia.
To clear the facts, as to my knowing this car Runs on Kinetic energy of the air sucked in from the front turbines to power up a specially designed engine. Special mechanism is used to maximize the turbine efficiency and rotation. The prevailing air powered cars founded up-to this car; uses compressed Air to power up pistons in the engine, which proved to be dangerous.Its just like running a car with a car bomb. But this Sri Lankan car proved to be  100% safe as to the developer. Its equal to a windmill built in to run the engine.

If anyone is interested in buying this car or support manufacturing or investing please contact:

Nilanga Senevirathne,
N.S.E Automobile Engineers
59 / A, Rathnawali Road, Kalubowila,Sri Lanka


Hopefully this car runs well also when the wind is blowing against it.

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Florin Cosma said...

When I was little I imagined a car running on a similar principle... it also had retractable wings, rocket launchers, lasers, and a Russian 'playstation'... on the other hand, this is ugly!

ps. I also heard about some Indian university students creating a bike running on compressed air.