Thursday, 5 April 2012

Thatcher´s former top aid lambasts "delusional" energy ministers and "totalitarian" climate change zealots

Sir Bernard pointed out that energy generated from wind farms is ten times more expensive than that produced by gas sations (image by wikipedia)
Margaret Thatcher´s former top aid, Sir Bernard Ingram did not mince his words when he  lambasted the Cameron government´s crippling energy policy,"mad" wind farms, "delusional" energy ministers and "totalitarian" climate change zealots in a memorable speech last night:

In a speech, Sir Bernard – who worked in the Department of Energy in the Seventies and is a passionate advocate of nuclear power – said: ‘Our politicians are besotted with every form of power generation that does not work in a modern economy.

Sir Bernard also derided the state-backed Carbon Capture competition.
He said: ‘They are trying to give away £1billion to prove that up to 200 million tonnes a year of CO2 can be buried under the North Sea, even though we can be pretty sure it will double the price of electricity generated by fossil fuels.’
Sir Bernard dismissed the move as the latest in a long line of examples where the Government has backed the wrong type of energy generation.
He added: ‘None of this suggests that our coalition has a firm grasp of essentials in an economy in need of growth.
‘Producing energy by the most expensive routes is a sure way, at best, to handicap growth and at worst to bring economic and industrial decline.’
His virulent attack drew on research from Edinburgh University that showed that the Government’s wind programme would cost £120billion - almost ten times as much as the same power from gas stations.
‘In the last 14 years we have witnessed a progressive loss of reason among politicians, in Whitehall and among scientists and engineers,’ he added.
He also used the speech to deride the ‘steady descent into hysteria over global warming’.
The change had led to ‘the manifest delusions of successive energy secretaries - Ed Miliband, Chris Huhne and now Ed Davey,’ he said.
‘I would like some proof that the world is going to fry and that my native Yorkshire will acquire the climate of Provence,’ he added.

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First Lord Lawson, now Sir Bernard - the Thatcher government veterans are not afraid of calling a spade a spade. It is time for David Cameron and all the other delusional zealots to start listening.

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