Saturday, 18 August 2012

Australia´s Shadow Climate Change Minister backs Kyoto 2!

The drearily cold winter appears to have taken its toll on Greg Hunt, Australia´s Shadow Minister for Climate Change:
Australia's opposition Liberal party climate spokesman Greg Hunt on Thursday gave his "in principle" backing to signing up for a second commitment period of the Kyoto Protocol, making it easier for the under-fire government to sign the U.N. climate treaty.a

Hunt told The Age newspaper that the opposition coalition's intention is to join a new Kyoto period, although a final decision would depend on the exact terms.

"What the world really needs is to bring China and India hand Indonesia on board, to bring Russia and Brazil on board. I think it will be easier to strike a 2016 agreement to commence in 2020, if there is a Kyoto 2," Hunt said, according to The Age.

If Australia signs up to a new target under Kyoto, it will become the first non-European developed nation to do so.
Read the entire article here.
Hopefully some cooler heads will prevail in the Liberal party. Hunt should be left out in the cold. 

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