Saturday, 18 August 2012

Putin less and less liked by Russians

More and more Russians are critical of their dictator: 
The approval ratings of Russian president Vladimir Putin have fallen to a new low of just 48 percent since elected in March, independent pollsters at the Levada Center said Friday.
A total of 25 percent said they were unhappy twith Putin, up from 21 percent in May.  His approval dropped below 50 percent at the same time.
The results show a major fall in Putin’s approval rating since his first two terms as president, when it averaged 65 percent. Only 15 percent disapproved of Putin.  His popularity peaked at the end of 2008 when it reached 80 percent, with just 10 percent against.
Most of the animosity is due to lackluster reforms in political structure, and a perceived clamp down on civil rights.
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Bad news for Putin is fortunately good news for Russians. 

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