Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Global warming scaremongering: Children in tears

This is what happens when a mother, who has been brainwashed, tells her children about the forthcoming climate armageddon: 

My 12-year old has just asked to participate in another weekly activity thirty minutes away. I try a quick rebuff: “You’re already too busy and it’s too expensive.”
With more than a bit of adolescent attitude, she replies, “You just don’t want to take the time to drive me.”
I look at the clock. It’s past 7 p.m. We haven’t eaten dinner, and unfinished homework clutters the kitchen table. There is never a perfect moment to get into the real nitty gritty of why and wherefore. Still, sometimes you have to take the time to give your kids an honest answer to their questions.
“Yes, you’re partly right,” I tell her, and her sister too, who has now wandered in. “I don’t especially want to spend more time carting you around. But there is another reason. Every time we get in the car we contribute to climate change. By the end of this century – and you may both still be around – climate change is likely to make conditions for life on earth drastically different from what they are today.”

I plunge ahead. I tell them that they have just lived through the hottest decade ever recorded. I tell them that recent flooding submerged one fifth of the land surface of Pakistan, washing away 7,000 schools.
I tell them that the Arctic is melting, that hurricanes are getting stronger, droughts are lengthening, and rainfall records are being shattered. Within their lifetimes, sea level could rise by 6 feet, or more, submerging the world’s coastal cities.
The children are quiet. Finally they ask if our house, a few miles inland from the Maine coast, will be okay. This question, in its innocent disregard either for the welfare of others, or for the fact that if the world disintegrates around them it won’t matter if their house is okay, seems to reflect a child’s perspective.
But it’s how us adults think too: Sure, catastrophic drought struck Texas last year and the Midwest this summer. But here in the Northeast global warming so far has mostly meant warmer winters. In other words, our house and family are fine.
Well then, my children ask, shouldn’t we do something about it?
I tell them they are already helping by riding their bikes and walking around town, by delighting in hand-me-downs rather than shopping trips, by eating local spinach rather than asking for processed foods from afar.
Although this cheers them up a bit, they are smart enough to know that a few leaves of spinach are not going to fix a whole lot. By the end of the conversation, they’re in tears.

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There are probably thousands of similar families, with children in tears after listening to their alarmist parents´ global warming scaremongering. Enviro-fundamentalists obviously do not care very much about the lasting damage their alarmist propaganda causes to young, easily manipulated children, who do not yet have the ability to critically judge the quality of the information they are force-fed with. Very sad. 


A K Haart said...

To me, this aspect of climate propaganda is the most appalling thing rogue climate scientists have done.

As you say, very sad.

Unknown said...

Should this not be classified as child abuse?

JS said...

These attacks on the young are unforgiveable. There will be much work to do to try to reduce their impact. But first, the political classes need to come out of their green-tinged fog of unreason. Simple questions. Simple data plots. Simple arithmetic. They all show that the climate alarmists are running on empty. The sooner this is widely shared the better.