Thursday, 16 August 2012

The conversion of a former Canadian "skeptic"

Former Canadian self-proclaimed "skeptic", meteorologist Scott Sutherland tries to imitate Richard Muller:
I've been a meteorologist and air quality scientist for the last 12 years, so I knew the science behind the issue, but I'll admit I was a global warming/climate change skeptic. As a scientist, I believe that skepticism is a good thing. It makes us look for more evidence, and more evidence leads to a better understanding of the world.
However, I didn't outright deny that climate change was happening. The facts were there that the average global temperature was on the rise. I just wasn't convinced that it was solely due to human activity.
It took a lot of research on my part, and a lot of sifting through bad science, misinformation, and biased reports to get there, but I'm no longer a skeptic.
The "research" that led Scott Sutherland to believe that climate change is "solely due to human activity" seems to be that he has read - and blindly believes in - Muller´s and Hansen´s  widely debunked studies. Not a very convincing conversion, but maybe it will make it easier for Sutherland to join the warmist gravy train on the way to a better paid job.

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