Friday, 6 May 2011

Are people becoming stupid and shrinking in size because of global warming?


                              Stupid miniature people - Is this the future?


Today I found myself thinking about some of the serious challenges facing humanity in the future:


Bigger Brains Make Smarter People

For more than a century some of the biggest minds in science have debated whether brain size has anything to do with intelligence. A new study suggests it does.
Bigger brains make for smarter people, says Michael McDaniel, an industrial and organizational psychologist at Virginia Commonwealth University.
"For all age and sex groups, it is now very clear that brain volume and intelligence are related," McDaniel said.
In the old days, measuring brain size involved either the imprecise method of putting a tape around a person's skull or waiting until they died to examine their noggins. Over the past five years or so, various research groups have studied brain size using new imaging techniques that provide a more accurate gauge.
McDaniel examined 26 mostly recent brain-imaging studies to reach his conclusion.

Read the entire article published in LiveScience here

Compare this with a scientific paper published by Jessica Ash, a graduate student in psychology, and professor of evolutionary psychology Gordon G. Gallup Jr. in Human Nature magazine, described in ScienceDaily:

Global Warming Could Be Reversing A Trend That Led To Bigger Human Brains

"Specifically, we found that as the distance from the equator increased, north or south, so did brain size."
"the study provides evidence of the role of climate and migration away from the equator as selective forces in promoting human intelligence, and that the recent trend toward global warming may be reversing a trend that led to brain expansion in humans."

Read the entire article here

And its not only the brains that shrink. People and animals are actually thought to shrink in size due to global warming:

"Scientists postulate that the relationship between a warmer climate and smaller animals may be true for the animal kingdom as a whole."

And co-author Janet Gardner asks the question:

"How small can a bird go before its physiology is altered to the point where it can’t survive?”

Gardner did apparently not ask the obvious follow-up question: How small can a human being go before its physiology is altered to the point where it actually disappears?

So, if we are to believe the scientists (who believe in human induced global warming), the future of homo sapiens does, indeed, not appear to be very enticing:

In the year 2100 the earth will be populated by about 10 billion less than smart miniature people, basking in the hot sun of tropical jungles like Greenland and Alaska. "Think small" will be the winning political slogan of the century. People will probably not even realize how small they are, because all other animals and plants have shrunk in the same way!

Seriously speaking, there is no reason to worry: The predictions of the climate change alarmists will turn out to be as wrong as all of their other forecasts!  


Anonymous said...

Evidently the authors quoted above have already been afflicted !

Anonymous said...

How freaking stupid do these people think we are? There is absolutely no basis for their assertion regarding size, brains, and global warming. Some of the biggest mammals in the world are in the tropics. Duh!

Since we are actually cooling and will be doing so for about 40 years, they have nothing to fear. Now, instead their funding and their reputations will shrink as we defund their crappy, junk science.