Friday, 6 May 2011

A definition of membership in the European Union

This recent definition by Irwin Stelzer is one of the best I have seen: 

Membership of the European Union is not a condition. It is a process. That process is clear: a steady transfer of power from nation states to Brussels. Eurocrats are not accountable to voters; they are judged only by their peers, the test of success being the expansion of power and the size of the bureaucracy over which they preside. Every effort is made to frame actions and decisions so that voters need not be consulted: witness the recent decision of the European Commission to amend Article 136 of the Lisbon Treaty merely by announcing an addition that permits the establishment of a permanent bailout mechanism to transfer credit from one country to another. This is the very thing the Germans were promised would not happen when they signed up to the Lisbon Treaty.

Read the entire New Statesman article here

(Irwin Stelzer is director of economic policy studies at the Hudson Institute and a columnist for the Sunday Times)

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