Saturday, 7 May 2011

Taiwan´s president Ma Ying-jeou: "Sooner or later" there will be democracy in China

Taiwanese President Ma Ying-jeou speaks about democracy in communist China in an interview for German Der Spiegel:

Ma: Of course, there will be many difficulties in bringing about a fully democratic system in mainland China. But when a society enjoys universal education and a prosperous economy, and when a middle class has appeared, more and more people will express their views about public policies. This has happened in Taiwan, Southeast Asian countries, Latin America as well as Arab countries. From relative poverty through reform and opening-up to the world, mainland China has experienced tremendous economic growth over the past several decades. And the advent of the Internet has enabled more and more people to express their opinions on public policies. This phenomenon is impossible to prevent, and I feel that sooner or later mainland China will move toward greater freedom and democracy.

Ma is right. Human rights, freedom and democracy are coming also to China. The present corrupt leadership may still be able to crack down on human rights activists for a while, but not  very long.

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