Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Prisoners´ radio station in Jamaica - paid for by the European taxpayers

This Jamaican radio station is soon getting EU competition

The fact that some of the European Union member countries are struggling to avoid total economic and social disaster does not in the least seem to worry those eurocrats who hand out lavish EU funding to countries in the third world. The latest example comes from Jamaica, where His Excellency,  EU ambassador Marco Mazzocchi Alemanni recently has been busy distributing $70 million worth of  project aid (for two years), a great deal of which is going to inmates in Jamaican prisons. For us, the European tax payers, it may be interesting to know that we are paying for e.g. the following:

" Free FM radio network broadcasting for 4,570 inmates from Fort Augusta, Rio Cobre, South Camp Road and Tower Street Prisons" and "licenses for the operation of a radio station"

 "24 inmate leaders will participate in a special rehabilitation programme to empower them through improved leadership skills"

" music, computer and craft labs"

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By the way, it will be interesting to hear, what name the inmates will choose for their radio station; "The Voice of the Prisoners, Your Local EU station" would be an excellent symbolic choice - also for all future EU-sponsored stations in Europe.

There is one thing the bosses in Brussels most likely are going to blame His Excellency, Mr. Alemannni for: He should, of course, have included a workshop on climate change for the inmates! 

Seriously speaking: Why should we, the European tax payers, pay for an prisoner´s radio station in Jamaica? Or leadership and music courses for Jamaican inmates?

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