Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Drinking rum and cola - sponsored by EU taxpayers

Here is a hot tip for EU citizens: Why not celebrate the long awaited summer season with the classical Caribbean rum and coke drink! There is a special reason for choosing an original Caribbean rum: You already have contributed about €70 million to "making it export-ready" for you to consume! If you have any questions about why your money is used for this purpose, contact "Chef de file Delegation in Barbados":

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 654C BB11000 or Palm Beach Corporate Centre, Hastings, Christ Church, BB15156, Bridgetown, Barbados, West Indies
Tel: 246 - 434.85.01
Fax: 246 - 427.86.87
E-mail: delegation-barbados@ec.europa.eu

The EU´s Caribbean "Rum programme" is described in the official EU document "Jamaica - European Community, Country Strategy Paper and National Indicative Programme for the period 2008 - 2013". You can download the document here

Integrated Development Programme for the ACP Caribbiean Rum Sector (regional programme: Chef de file Delegation in Barbados)
The programme aims to enhance the competitiveness of the rum sector by making it export-ready in the segment of branded products. Its three main components are: (i) institutional capacity building of the West Indies Rum and Spirits Producers Association (WIRSPA); (ii) plant modernisation and meeting environmental needs; (iii) implementation of a distribution and marketing strategy.
The total project cost is estimated at about €146 Million, of which 70 million will be founded by EC from intra ACP Resources.

Do not hesitate to contact the "Chef de file". The EU "embassy" in Bridgetown, led by His Excellency, Sr. Valeriano Diaz has about 50 diplomats and other employees, so I am convinced that one of them, in spite of  the busy beach party season, will find time to answer your questions. If you so wish, you can also give your contribution to the EU rum programme by suggesting brand names for future EU-subsidised distilled Caribbean  beverages. Wouldn´t it  be nice e.g. to have a "Rompuy´s Reserve", a "Captain Barroso XO Extra Strong", a"Baroness Ashton´s Super Light" or perhaps a "Connie´s  Climate Candy Cane Rum  2030" to be enjoyed on very special occasions (like when new euro bail-out packages haven been agreed)?  

It goes without saying that the euro-Caribbean rums make excellent cocktail ingredients. Here are two of my own favourites. The first one - I am told - was an instant hit in some of the more exclusive Brussels joints, frequented by leading eurocrats:

Rompuy´s revenge
Remember to shake well!
New ingredients, like e.g. Spanish Aguardiente or Italian Grappa can easily be added in the future.

Note: For francophiles there is also a French version of the cocktail: Replace the Eau de Bruxelles with
Champagne Pierre Mignon Cuvée Nicolas Sarkozy Brut

This one is already almost a classic:

Connie´s Glacier Special

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