Monday, 16 April 2012

Australia: "The signs of retreat on climate change are everywhere"

The Australian reports about the latest developments Down Under
WITH the political pendulum swinging in Australia, the signs of retreat on climate change are everywhere.
New Queensland Premier Campbell Newman says he will abolish seven schemes supporting renewable energy and energy efficiency. As well, he wants to pull $75 million out of a large-scale solar thermal project near Chinchilla, subject to legal advice about contractual obligations. Federal Resources Minister Martin Ferguson says that would require Canberra to reconsider its $464m contribution.

Campbell Newman is also a voice of sanity with regard to the Gillard 
government´s carbon tax: 

The carbon tax is the single biggest rolled gold example of Federal Labor not listening. The problem is this is going to cost families, it's going to cost jobs, it will drive investment offshore.

And in relation to the question on a High Court challenge I say this. If we get legal advice back in the coming days that says there is an opportunity albeit a small one to overturn this then if at least one other state will join us we're in.

We will challenge this if there is a possibility of overturning this bad tax. And I am doing that because I passionately believe it's the wrong thing to do for Australia to adopt this tax in this unilateral way. If everybody is in, and I have said this to the Prime Minister, if everyone across the world charging $10, $20 a tonne, we're in and I would support it. But that's not happening and we are going to send jobs to India and China. 

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