Saturday, 21 April 2012

A doomsday prophet celebrates Earth Day

The publisher of  a global warming doomsday book - "Uninhabitable, a case for caution" by G.S. Goldsmith - "celebrates" Earth Day by distributing a press realease to humanity, which tells us that "we have 5 short years before we reach an irreversible tipping point in Co2 emissions". 

The press realease then gives us a selection of excerpts from the book. 

Here are some of the "highlights":  

"We are the very last of at least 24 hominids that have gone extinct before us and if we go extinct like our cousins the Neanderthals and Cro-Magnons did not that long ago, then our species like that of the dinosaurs will be gone forever."

"We will push 30 to 50% of our fellow species into extinction over the next 50 years and we could easily follow them within just two generations if we continue to allow Co2 to build up in our atmosphere."

 "We are slowly cooking our planet and ourselves along with it."

"Co2 is 1.5 times heavier then oxygen and displaces oxygen, with just 10% of Co2 in the atmosphere we simply will not be able to breathe."

"In just 32 years we will have an ice free Antarctica condemning to extinction Polar Bears, five species of seals, Emperor Penguins, Pacific Walruses, Arctic Foxes, Beluga Whales and countless other arctic wild life."

"Fighting a war with nature is a war we won’t win." 

"If we do nothing then we must accept our fate and prepare to suffer the consequences of famine, war, and possible extinction." 

But no need to despair, the author knows how we can avoid the doomsday catastrophy: 

we could give our brightest scientists and best entrepreneurs what they need to try and save us from ourselves. 

It´s really that simple - we can save us from ourselves by giving James HansenMichael Mann and Al Gore dictatorial powers! 

Happy Earth Day on April 22! 


If you desperately want a signed copy of Goldsmith´s masterpiece, you will have to take a high carbon foot print flight to Las Vegas this weekend:

Earth Day book signing: Author C.S. Goldsmith will hold a book signing at Barnes & Noble at 567 N. Stephanie in Henderson on Earth Day. His book is titled Uninhabitable: A Case for Caution and discusses climate change and its effects on our planet.

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