Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Climate change plummets on American television networks

James Hansen´s publicity stunts do not  anymore  get  the same  attention  they  used  to have on American  television networks 

Americans are tired of James Hansen´s, Al Gore´s and the other global warming scaremongers´ doomsday predictions. That is why these study results are not surprising: 

News coverage of climate change/global warming has dropped dramatically on American television, according to a new study published by Media Matters

Sunday Show Coverage Of Climate Change Fell 90% Between 2009 And 2011. Since 2009, climate coverage on the Sunday shows has dropped every year across all networks. The Sunday shows spent over an hour on climate change in 2009, compared to 21 minutes in 2010 and only 9 minutes in 2011.
Nightly News Coverage Decreased 72% Between 2009 And 2011. Coverage of climate change on the nightly news programs dropped from over 2 hours in 2009 to just 27 minutes in 2010 and 38 minutes in 2011.

The above facts seem to be somewhat difficult to swallow for Media Matters, because they feel  a need to add e.g. the following comment, which is totally unrelated to the study subject: 

Each Network Covered Donald Trump More Than Climate Change In 2011. Every program included in our analysis devoted more airtime to Donald Trump's flirtation with a presidential run and birther antics than to climate change in 2011, with the exception of ABC World News

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