Monday, 16 April 2012

The confession of a global warming alarmist

 Here is a confession from a wellknown warmist blogger: 

"I know that the climate is changing and it is going to be bad and I blog about it an awful lot. I know I am obsessed about it and have been for over six years now. I know what is coming and yet like everyone else, sometimes I pretend it isn't coming. It's how I cope with the stuff I can't control."

The syndrome, which Doug Craig shares with most other warmists, is called apocalypticism

Apocalypticism is the religious belief that there will be an apocalypse, a term which originally referred to a revelation of God's will, but now usually refers to belief that the world will come to an end time very soon, even within one's own lifetime. This belief is usually accompanied by the idea that civilization, as we know it, will soon come to a tumultuous end with some sort of catastrophic global event such as war. Apocalypticism is often conjoined with esoteric knowledge that will likely be revealed in a major confrontation between good and evil forces, destined to change the course of history.

In many cases psychologists are able to help people, who suffer from the doomsday syndrome. The problem with this particular warmist is, that he himself is a psychologist! 


Craig also offers a description of the warmists´ way of reasoning: 

Climate change deniers truly seem to believe if they hold fast to their opinions about reality it makes their perceptions real. And they cherry-pick all the tiny shreds of data that fit their convictions while they ignore the tons of evidence that contradict them. 

The description is fine, except that the third word should  be replaced by the word alarmists

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