Sunday, 15 April 2012

Military activity - not global warming - causing Himalayan glacier to melt

Satellite image of the Siachen glacier  (wikipedia)

Another global warming myth debunked:

The Siachen glacier in Himalaya is not melting because of global warming. The rise in temperature is directly proportionate to the heavy military presence in the area, according to Arshad Abbasi, an authority on glaciers and a consultant with the Sustainable Development and Policy Institute.

The rise in temperature is directly proportionate to the excessive military presence in the area, he said.
The latest images of the glacier show “visible cracks in its midst and the number of glacial lakes formed beneath it,” he added. Abbasi also rejected the impression that global warming was causing the Siachen glacier to melt.
The adjoining Baltoro Glacier is not only stable, but has also gained mass compared to its volume in 1904, he said.
He cited a NASA report titled ‘Advancing Glaciers and Positive Mass Anomaly in the Karakoram Himalaya’ which states that more than 65% of glaciers in the Karakoram are growing.
“Therefore, it is a myth that Siachen is melting because of global warming; it is a case of direct human interference,” Abbasi said.
He said it is time that the global community works with Pakistani and Indian leaders to save Himalayan glaciers by solving the long-standing Siachen dispute.
Meanwhile, adviser to the federal government on climate Qamar Zaman Chaudhry said heavy military presence of India and Pakistan has definitely had an impact on the glacier surge in Siachen.

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Kyle Hill said...

No comments because the Global Warming cult have nothing to argue with and know it.

It's a sad world we live in but Jesus shall return to set things straight and before you bash me for mentioning his name no you CANNOT predict WHEN he will come back as he will be like a *thief in the night* and if the master of the house isn't alert.............

We can only know the *season* which is why the May 21st prediction is not only DEAD wrong but very unbiblical and even sacrileges to those who don't read the bible out of context.

Also don't read the King James bible as it has TONS of errors which is where most Atheists and Christains alike use as a basis for their petty arguments throwing crap at each other.

Kyle Hill said...

Then they wonder why their arguments become circular.