Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Arctic seabirds doing fine despite of "global warming"

Little auks doing fine in Greenland 

Another  hugely  disappointing  study  for  true  believers  in  the  global  warming  religion: 

Arctic  seabirds  adapt  to  climate  change

The planet is warming up, especially at the poles. How do organisms react to this rise in temperatures? An international team led by a CNRS researcher from the Center for Functional and Evolutionary Ecology has shown that little auks, the most common seabirds in the Arctic, are adapting their fishing behavior to warming surface waters in the Greenland Sea. So far, their reproductive and survival rates have not been affected

Surprisingly, the birds have managed to make up for the warming of surface waters in the Greenland Sea by altering their diet and extending the duration of their foraging trips at sea. They travel further and for longer in order to feed in areas where foraging is more successful.
So far, little auks have therefore managed to adapt to the effects of warming surface waters in the Greenland Sea.
Not surprisingly, the scientists behind the study felt that they had to provide some consolation for members of the climate cult: 
 Yet it seems that little auks have reached the limits of their physiological and behavioral capacities. More intense warming could therefore cause their decline as well as a major disruption of marine ecosystems in the Arctic.
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