Thursday, 17 May 2012

G-8 summit at Camp David to be a great success (for Thurmont, Maryland)

                The Clinton Room - complete with gas fireplace, jacuzzi and king size bed - at the        Cozy Inn is already booked for the G-8 meeting

The leaders of the G-8 countries will tomorrow gather at Camp David, 
President Obama´s secluded retreat in the Catoctin Mountains

As always before this kind of "summits", journalists and analysts are busy hyping the meeting:
President Barack Obama will welcome world leaders to the secluded getaway as economic chaos in Europe continues to roil global markets, prompting fears that Europe's misfortunes could threaten the U.S. economic recovery, and possibly Obama's chances at re-election.
Solving Europe's woes is likely to dominate talks at the G-8 summit among the leaders of the world's richest democracies.
Analysts expect Obama to continue a path of quiet diplomacy, prodding European leaders to find a way out of the economic turmoil that could rattle U.S. markets. He's expected to continue to press for growth measures, along with the austerity measures championed by German chancellor Angela Merkel.
Of course they all know that this meeting is not going to be any different from earlier similar gatherings, which have produced no tangible results. Of course there will be a lofty statement -   written by advisers and bureaucrats - in which the leaders "commit" themselves to push for growth, jobs, fight against "climate change" and other supposedly good causes. But those "commitments" are - as always - only meant to make the "world leaders" look good at the concluding photo opportunity. 
However, there is a bright side to the Camp David G-8 meeting: Thurmont, the Frederick County town of about 6,000, adjacent to Camp David is already looking forward to a great weekend
Beyond the frenzy that typically surrounds multi-national gatherings like this, though, local businesses are looking on the bright side. For instance, the Cozy Inn, widely considered the "place to be" in Thurmont, has already sold out all 17 rooms for that weekend.
"This time, it was all journalists," Cozy Inn general manager Vickie Binder said.
Meanwhile, down the street at The Shamrock restaurant, GM Donna Demmon is no stranger to famous diners, which in the past have included Barbara Walters and Sam Donaldson.
"I'm sure we're going to see some people because of this," Demmon said.
And the local police are making sure that security will be tight during the summit:
Thurmont Police Chief Gregory Eyler said he'll likely cancel all leave and training time for his 10-member police force for the G-8 meeting.

Good luck to you all in Thurmont!

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