Friday, 18 May 2012

The EU global warming mafia wants to punish Poland

Poland´s sensible opposition to even stronger EU climate change commitments is one of the few bright spots in the ever more depressing reality of European co-operation. But the the valiant Poles are in urgent need of allies against the club of politically correct hypocrites who now are running the European Union
The current EU Presidency holder Denmark - a country which according to the latest WWF report has the dirtiest ecologicl footprint of all Western countries - has already threatened to link a Polish veto of a deal to raise CO2 reduction goals beyond 2020 to the 2014-2020 budget talks:
The source also told Reuters that the current holder of the EU's rotating presidency, Denmark, had threatened to link a Polish veto of a deal to raise CO2 reduction goals beyond 2020 to the 2014-2020 budget talks.
Poland has rejected that programme - dubbed the 2050 road map - twice already, upsetting Germany and the Scandinavian EU states that have led the green agenda, and will likely do so again if the plan is presented to another meeting due in June.

"Poland's obstruction on climate is going to cost it badly, increasingly badly. It could backlash on all sorts of other issues," said Jesse Scott, energy and climate advisor at demosEuropa think-tank.
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Let us hope that the mess created by the failed euro currency and the increasingly negative EU growth numbers will make it easier for the Poles to stand by their views against the ever more desperate Brussels global warming mafia.

The fact that Poland also wants to pursue its national interest by planning for a shale gas future is another thorn in the side of the EU warmists, who are assisted by the wind energy lobby and Gazprom. Also here Poland needs all available assistance, e.g. from the UK

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