Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Ohio says yes to the shale gas revolution

The shale gas revolution is - fortunately - unstoppable in the US. Ohio is the latest state to say yes to a bright energy - and economic - future:

Ohio senators approved new regulations for horizontal shale drilling on Tuesday in a bipartisan vote punctuated by a spoken rendition of “The Beverly Hillbillies” theme song.
State Sen. Bill Seitz, a Cincinnati Republican, used the 1960s sitcom’s protagonist — who became an instant millionaire when he discovered oil — to urge fellow lawmakers to dispense with critics of hydraulic fracturing and get drilling moving in the state.
“Folks, we’re sitting on a mountain of money,” he said. “People who have been poor as church mice for 150 years are now going to be the latter-day Jed Clampetts.”
The detailed energy bill cleared the chamber, 27-6, with backing from both Republicans and Democrats.

Ohio is now poised for an energy boom: 
"Ohio has immense opportunities to create thousands of jobs thanks to the Utica and Marcellus shale," Jack Gerard, president and chief executive officer of the American Petroleum Institute, told an audience Friday at the City Club of Cleveland.
"Responsible energy production has already generated more than $22 billion for the Buckeye state. It is the industry's use of new technology like horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing that has given fresh life to energy development in Ohio.
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The President of The American Chemistry Council agrees:

"Natural gas is a game changer. Ohio's supply of natural gas from shale has the potential to create tens of thousands of high-paying manufacturing jobs, drive economic output and generate revenues for the Buckeye state," Dooley said.
"Ohio is a model for states on how leveraging abundant shale gas through responsible production can reduce energy costs and create a competitive advantage for its manufacturing industry, particularly for chemical manufacturers. The result is increased investment, more jobs and a growing, robust economy."
ACC recently projected that the establishment of a new chemical plant to take advantage of shale gas here in Ohio could create 17,000 new permanent jobs, provide more than $1 billion in wages for Ohio workers and produce $169 million in tax revenue for the state.
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And remember;  the new jobs created are real jobs, unlike the virtual "green" jobs promised by the Obama administration. 

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A K Haart said...

"Natural gas is a game changer."

He's right there. Somehow I can't see green propagandists stopping this. At least I hope not.

As you say, real jobs are on offer here.