Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Chelsea Flower show combats climate change

This years version of the Chelsea Flower Flow - the world´s most famous garden exhibition - is to open next week in the grounds of the Royal Hospital. Sadly, the show is not anymore what it used to be: 

Chelsea Flower Show to combat climate change

This year’s Chelsea Flower Show will showcase urban gardens that unlock the potential of green fingers to combat climate change.

Exhibiting at the Chelsea Flower Show from May 22-26, the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) and its Environment Section will focus on the science of ‘urban greening’ and how to counter the effects of climate change.
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One of the three Gold Medal winners is a garden called Winds of Change, which the organiser, Royal Horticultural Society, describes in this way: 

This garden has an industrial look inspired by the wind turbines that feature in the design. Its owner has a passion for reclaimed materials and wanted to create a garden that included his home-engineered turbines, which have been constructed using industrial cooling fans.

One wonders what this man, Capability Brown - Englands  greatest  gardener -  would have said about the  Gold Medal  winning garden, which highlights "home-engineered turbines"?

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