Friday, 13 April 2012

10.0000 wind turbine enthusiasts take high carbon footprint flights to Copenhagen

Over 10.000 wind power subsidy beneficiaries enthusiasts from all over the world are taking high carbon footprint flights to Copenhagen this weekend for the European Wind Energy Association´s annual celebration of this costly and ineffective form of energy production:

"EWEA Annual Event is Europe's premier wind energy event; a place where the industry's brightest minds meet to exchange the latest knowledge, forge meaningful business relationships and create connections with influential people around the world."

One of the most anticipated keynote speakers will be Ditlev Engel, CEO of the Danish wind turbine company Vestas
Mayby he will enlighten the audience about why one of the company´s newest turbines recently caught fire in Germany?:

Vestas Wind Systems, the world’s largest wind-turbine maker, said a V112 3.0-megawatt turbine caught fire today at the Gross Eilstorf wind farm in Lower Saxony, Germany. No injuries were reported.
The cause of the 3 p.m. blaze, which is burning out under“controlled conditions,” hasn’t been determined, the Aarhus, Denmark-based company said in a statement. The turbine, a new model for Vestas, was disconnected from the grid and three nearby V112 turbines were shut for safety reasons, it said. 

Or maybe Mr. Engel will surprise the "the industry´s brightest minds", and deliver a third profit-warning within a few months?:

The head of Danish turbine maker Vestas said on Friday he had no plans to resign after the election of a new chairman of the board and he remains the right leader to carry out the strategy set for the company.
Two profit-warnings in the course of three months, at the end of October and again in early January, have piled pressure on Chief Executive Ditlev Engel to ensure there are no more disappointments at the world's biggest wind turbine maker.
"I have no other plan than staying as CEO," Engel told Reuters after the annual general meeting of shareholders in the city of Aarhus.
"I am the right one to execute the new strategy for Vestas in the coming years," Engel said.

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Or perhaps Mr. Engel will seize the opportunity and inform the gathered enthusiasts about the wind power industry´s crucial contribution when it was really cold in Europe in February?

If not, you can read it here:

Russia's main gas-company, Gazprom, was unable to meet demand last weekend as blizzards swept across Europe, and over three hundred people died. Did anyone even think of deploying our wind turbines to make good the energy shortfall from Russia?
Of course not. We all know that windmills are a self-indulgent and sanctimonious luxury whose purpose is to make us feel good. Had Europe genuinely depended on green energy on Friday, by Sunday thousands would be dead from frostbite and exposure, and the EU would have suffered an economic body blow to match that of Japan's tsunami a year ago. No electricity means no water, no trams, no trains, no airports, no traffic lights, no phone systems, no sewerage, no factories, no service stations, no office lifts, no central heating and even no hospitals, once their generators run out of fuel.

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One thing is certain, however. The Danes know how to throw a  party, with lots of good food, wine and beer. That´s why the formal conference dinner is "the most popular event of EWEA 2012":

Venue: ØksnehallenDress code: formal
This exclusive seated dinner will be the most popular evening of EWEA 2012 Annual Event. Not only will you be able to meet professionals from the wind industry over an excellent meal, but you will also enjoy unforgettable entertainment.

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