Saturday, 14 April 2012

Climate change madness: Aussie Foreign minister wants International Court of Justice to rule against his own country!

Bob Carr - ready to testify against his own country

Aussie Foreign Minister Bob Carr apparently wants the International Court of Justice to take action - against Australia!. That´s the logical conclusion, if he really means what he says:

FOREIGN Minister Bob Carr has volunteered Australia to give evidence on behalf of poor nations that want the United Nations to investigate if big emitters - potentially including Australia - have a legal responsibility to keep their greenhouse gases from hurting other countries.
In an interview with The Saturday Age in New York, Mr Carr said he had told UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon Australia would give evidence supporting a push led by Palau for a UN resolution asking the International Court of Justice to assess how much countries were responsible for the damage their emissions did overseas.
Climate law experts said that if the resolution was successful, it could be the first step by worst-affected nations in seeking reparations from countries such as the US, China and Australia.

Carr´s statement is, of course, not meant  to be taken seriously. His Excellency just wants help to secure a seat for Australia on the UN Security Council, according to one commentator:

''It is obviously a bit tokenistic, trying to garner support for Australia's campaign for a seat on the UN Security Council,'' he said. ''If you took this to a logical conclusion you would be saying Australia would be helping legal action against Australia. While Australia's global emissions are not as high as some countries', in per capita terms they are very high.''

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It is fortunately unlikely that Carr´s case will ever reach the International Court of Justice. Instead His Excellency will be judged by the citizens of Australia in the next political elections. 

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