Thursday, 12 April 2012

EU überwarmist Hedegaard cannot stand the bright lights of Doha

                           Connie Hedegaard does not like the bright lights of Doha

Qatar is the world´s biggest producer of liquefied natural gas. Oil and gas account for about 60% of the country´s economic output. That´s why the country´s capital Doha can afford to keep the city well lit during night hours.

EU´s überwarmist, Climate Commissioner Connie Hedegaard, currently visiting Doha, apparently thinks that the inhabitants of Doha should switch off their bright lights and start living in the same kind of semi-darkness that people in her home country Denmark are used to:

“When you drive through the city of Doha at night, you just think, ‘Wow, look how big our challenges are when we’re talking about more energy efficiency, less energy consumption and a low-carbon world,’” Hedegaard said. “The bright lights are all over. It would send a strong signal if Qatar came forward with concrete proposals on how they will pursue a more climate-friendly growth strategy.” 

“You have these tall, tall skyscrapers, and there are lights literally in every window because why turn off the lights when energy is for free,” Hedegaard said. 

Yes, indeed, why should the people of Doha turn off their lights! If Mrs. Hedegaard does not like the bright lights of the city, she should put on her sunglasses the next time she is out driving in Doha!

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