Saturday, 14 April 2012

Australian climate madness: Quantas jets to fly on cooking oil

Julia Gillard´s Australia is clearly showing the way in climate madness. Now the country´s major airline Quantas has began using cooking oil - about ten times more expensive than ordinary jet fuel - as fuel for its kangaroo jets:

On Friday, Qantas Airlines launched Australia's first commercial flight using a 50/50 mixture of regular fuel and refined cooking oil. Faced with the threat of an upcoming European tax on airline carbon emissions, Qantas is one of many airlines scrambling to find a green alternative to regular jet fuel.

"From July, Qantas will be the only airline in the world to face liabilities in three jurisdictions, so our sense of urgency is justified."
Europe already imposes a controversial carbon tax on airlines, while New Zealand has a carbon tax that applies to flights within that country by Qantas' budget carrier Jetstar.
Australia's tax on carbon emissions comes into force on July 1.

If Quantas is serious about using cooking oil, then this is only the beginning of its problems:

Jet fuel is the largest operational expense for the Australian carrier, which in February announced it would slash at least 500 jobs and cut costs after an 83-per-cent slump in first-half net profits.
In March it hiked its fuel surcharge for the second time in two months, saying its fuel costs were expected to rise by $312 million U.S. in the six months to June 30.

Maybe Quantas is planning to use Extra Virgin Olive Oil to fuel their first class only flights?


A Canadian airline is apparently eager to follow the kangaroos:

Next week, a Porter Airlines Bombardier Q400 powered by an oilseed-based fuel will travel from Toronto to Ottawa in what Porter calls the first biofuel-powered passenger flight in Canada. The demonstration flight Tuesday comes five days before Earth Day.

If this madness spreads, be prepared to pay considerably more for your home cooking oil!

This also fuels suspicion that the entire EU air carbon tax could be a devilish scheme set up by the European olive oil lobby in order to dramatically increase lagging exports, :-)

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