Friday, 13 April 2012

James Delingpole: "Australia here I come"

The great James Delingpole is heading for Australia. Aussie eco-loon activists are warned!:

Those who are sceptical of AGW alarmism, though, are going to like me a lot. The first reason for this is that, in common with many Australians, I have a rare gift for tact and diplomacy. Not for one second in any of my speeches will I dream of being rude about Australia's much-loved A$180,000 a year (for a three-day week) "Climate Commissioner" Tim Flannery, let alone about Australian's even better loved Prime Minister, the flame-haired, pert-rumped temptress Julia Gillard. And I'm sure my audiences will respect me for my polite restraint.
Therefore, when Australia finds itself burdened with an administration which decides to put a swingeing tax on fossil fuels – Gillard's hated Carbon Tax – in the name of saving the earth from "Climate Change" then clearly Climate Change becomes of pressing concern not just to enviro-loon activists but also to ordinary, sane people who worry about tedious stuff like paying their bills, keeping their jobs and ensuring that their kids have some kind of economic future. The Queensland election result was, I suspect, just the beginning. The tide against the Great Global Warming Scam – the biggest and most expensive outbreak of mass hysteria in history – is turning and, right now, Australia is the best place in the world to go for a beachside view.
And the third reason is that I've had all the hard work done for me by my old mate Professor Ian Plimer. Following in the footsteps of his new bookHow To Get Expelled From School is a bit like going into battle behind the elite, super well-equipped Panzer Lehr division: it's by far the feistiest and most no-nonsense book I've ever read on "Climate Change" and all the better for it.

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