Thursday, 12 April 2012

UK Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has lost touch with reality

UK Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg clearly has lost touch with reality. Now he is attacking experts and media, who - rightly - point out that the Cameron/Clegg governments "green" policies are both extremely costly and environmentally mostly useless:

Nick Clegg today attacked purveyors of "ludicrous scare stories" over the cost of green measures, warning they could derail the UK's potential role as the "number one destination for clean, green investment".
Responding to questions after his keynote speech this morning on greening of the economy, Clegg took the opportunity to express frustration with recent media reports suggesting the government's green measures are expensive and will take jobs out of the country.

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In his speech Clegg gave a rosy - and totally unrealistic - picture of the government´s green dream:

I cannot remember a time when consumers, industry and environmentalists had so much in common. Those of us who believe in a more sustainable future must seize the opportunity that creates. Don´t believe the naysayers when they tell you environmentalism is off the agenda. And don't be in any doubt of our commitment of being the greenest government ever.

This is a Coalition that has committed to halving greenhouse gas emissions by 2025, the boldest target set, in law, by any government, anywhere in the world. And we'll be pressing our neighbours to set much more ambitious EU targets at talks in Denmark next week.

A Coalition leading the biggest shakeup of the electricity market in thirty years.

A Coalition creating the UK's first ever market in energy efficiency through the Green Deal.

A Coalition investing in a series of world firsts despite the huge pressures on the public purse: the first ever national bank devoted to green investment; the first ever Carbon Capture and Storage project at commercial scale; in just four months, the greenest ever Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Make no mistake: the economic situation creates challenges, but it has not weakened our resolve. It has only strengthened our ambition.

At the next election Clegg will see, what the voters think about "the greenest government ever".

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