Thursday, 12 April 2012

South Korea denies Greenpeace representatives entry

Congratulations to the government of SoutKorea! You have made the right decision:

Greenpeace East Asia executive director Mario Damato and another employee were denied entry into the country on Monday.

Mario Damato was accompanying Greenpeace International executive director Kumi Naidoo into the country on Monday when they were denied entry at Incheon International Airport at roughly 2 p.m. on Monday.

Naidoo was allowed entry.

According to a Korea Immigration Service officer, they received a request to deny entry to Greenpeace officials from a government branch. The officer, on the condition of anonymity, refused to disclose which branch it was.

The officer added that the government branch had filed the request on the basis of “national interest.”

Greenpeace stated in a press release that they believe this was an attempt by the Korean government to stop the organization from voicing its opinion against the expansion of nuclear energy.

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The only mistake was to allow Mr. Naidoo entry.

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